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Land of the Thunder Dragon

Admired by tourists from all around the globe, Bhutan is an extraordinary destination with visible beauty and traditions. The country’s progress is measured not in GDP, but "Gross National Happiness”, due to the seamless blends of ancient traditions while embracing the not-so-evil modern necessities.  Landlocked by the mighty Himalayan peaks, Bhutan follows a sustainable approach to tourism by keeping their picture-book landscapes intact. Bhutan's scenery is magnificent - pristine pine forests, fertile valleys, and high rugged mountain passes make for gorgeous vistas. Bhutan has a vibrant culture, evident in their fortress-like white-walled dzongs architecture, communities of studying monks, and unique traditions work to keep their rich cultural heritage alive. It is the Bhutanese people that make Bhutan so special and it is their gracious hospitality that makes Bhutan endlessly fascinating. 

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1 to 9 of 11 hotel (s) displayed

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