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A journey through England is a journey through thousands of years of history. From Roman ruins to stately homes and castles, England is filled with historic sites just waiting to be discovered. Marvel at prehistoric Stonehenge; explore Shakespeare's birthplace in charming Stratford-upon-Avon; visit  "loveliest castle in the world" Leeds Castle; walk where the Romans walked 2,000 years ago at the Roman Baths in Bath. The list is endless. But there is more than just history here - enjoy contemporary art and culture from London's Tate Modern to Shakespeare under the Cornish stars. Rugged hills, sweeping dales, beautiful lakes, winding country roads, England’s countryside is the place to head for a tranquil rural escape. And the cherry on the cake is London, England's universe-of-it's-own capital city! There is so much to do in England, and you’re never far from the next town, the next pub, the next restaurant, the next national park or even the next impressive castle!  

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1 to 9 of 14 hotel (s) displayed

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