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Irresistible Ireland

Ireland is a wild, wonderful country with each area retaining its own distinct personality, wildlife, animals, trees, flowers, craggy cliffs, rich pastures, charming villages, ancient sites, craft centers and rambling castles. It is rugged, romantic and is a landscape steeped in ancient lore. One of the best features of Ireland are its people; they are easily some of the friendliest people in the world. And that is evident in its phrases too! (Taw fall-cha row-at) – 'You're very welcome'. Or, more famously, céad míle fáilte – a hundred thousand welcomes. Why a hundred thousand when one is perfectly adequate everywhere else?  In addition to its stunning landscapes and friendly locals, everywhere you go Ireland's history presents itself. Explore Neolithic tombs, passage cairns, early Christian monasteries, medieval castles and ancient abbeys. Walk the paths of those who etched their stamps on Irish history and witness some of the most spectacular scenery and sites Ireland has to offer. 

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