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Land of the Rising Sun

Standing at the far-eastern end of the Silk Road and drawing influences from the entire continent, this archipelago of 6800 volcanic islands is where ancient gods, customs and craftsmanship blend seamlessly with cutting edge modern technology and futuristic fashion. One can experience impressive gardens and temples, evocative backstreets and imposing castles in the same lane as neon skylines and speeding bullet trains. Everything in Japan is distinctly "Japanese”! High-speed trains whisk you from one end of the country to another with awe-inspiring punctuality. One cannot write about Japan without mentioning its incredible array of culinary experiences, from the sublime to the exhilarating. There is something on every corner, for everyone, for every budget and you will never find a meal that isn’t special. 

The Japanese attention to detail, genius for design and presentation and penchant for politeness make it a place on everyone's bucket list. The Japanese are a strong, warm and incredibly welcoming people. Put it all together and you come away with a country that is intriguing in every respect. 

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