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Land of the Sherpas

A small Himalayan landlocked country dotted with snowy peaks, Nepal is a mountaineer’s dream. It is home to eight of the world’s highest peaks including the lofty Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga giving it its nickname, ‘Land of the Sherpas’. While strolling through the picturesque towns of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur or Pathan, you will stumble upon quaint monasteries, intricate temples, and age-old shrines.  It is also  a religious and sacred destination for Hindu and Buddhist tourists. It is a haven for the wilderness and adventure enthusiast: bungee jumping, mountain flights, trekking, paragliding, mountain biking and so much more. And for those who enjoy serenity, it is a wondrous place to tune in to nature. A country rich with culture and art, Nepal is a land of picturesque mountain scenery, festivities and celebration. 

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