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Oman’s strategic location has played a major role in many campaigns and regional conflicts in this region. The country’s history tells stories of heroism, courage, love and devotion to the homeland. The Sultan, Qaboos bin Said, has turned Oman into a modern and luxurious travel destination, embracing tourism while staying true to its 6,000-year-old history. In a region overshadowed by touristy Dubai, the Sultanate of Oman, offers a refreshing reminder of a seemingly bygone age. It is a perfect blend of old Arabia and the modern world. Oman still remains relatively undiscovered, and is everything you don't expect from the Middle East. It has glorious mountains, spectacular deserts, medieval cities and 2700 kms of beautiful sandy beaches. The Omani people are gentle and charming. This makes the Sultanate one of the best places in the Gulf to experience a heady combination of modern, luxurious and traditional Arabia. 

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