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Singapore Sling

Located at the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, Singapore, also known as the Lion City, is a vibrant Asian metropolis. It is no longer the sterile, boring city it once was. It is a vibrant city with sleek downtown architecture, gleaming shopping malls and a host of sightseeing attractions to choose from like the Night Safari, Universal Studios and the stunning Gardens by the Bay. It is also a cultural melting pot where the mystique of Chinatown and Little India combine to create an eclectic atmosphere. It is also a shopping haven from old world markets to hi-tech malls – a real mecca for retail therapy. Singapore could also be a contender for Asia’s culinary capital with its wonderful variety of cuisines – Thai, Malay, Indian, Western, Korean and more. The city offers a deluge of fine dining restaurants, street food options, alfresco dining, lively bars and night clubs and jazz venues. It also has a vibrant contemporary arts scene and a host of luxurious hotels. No visit to Singapore is complete without enjoying a Singapore Sling cocktail at the world-renowned Raffles Hotel, where the drink was created

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