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The Pearl of the North

Officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden, the country shares its border with Finland and Norway. The Scandinavian country is beautiful, blessed with a rich landscape of lush forests, pristine lakes, mountains and stunning historical sights. It is a haven for nature lovers, with exotic destinations and glorious views of the Northern Lights from May to July. 
The crooked cobblestone streets of Stockholm, the capital city also known as the ‘beauty on water’, are magical to wander through, with top notch museums and first class shopping and dining. 
The country is also steeped with history. While driving through the countryside, you’ll pass seaside fortresses, turreted palaces and walled medieval cities that attest to Sweden’s long and complex backstory. You can even visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Drottningholm Palace which functions as a theatre museum in the summer months and the Vasa Museum which houses the Swedish Imperial Fleet. 

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