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Tropical Thailand

In the heart of South-East Asia, bordered by Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia and Burma, Thailand is the meeting point of all those peoples and cultures that forged the history of this age-old continent for thousands of years. Although the country resolutely looks to the future and is developing cities of breathtaking modernity, it has still managed to preserve its exceptional heritage. The historic cities in the north and the Khmer temples are attractions that simply mustn’t be missed. What’s more, Thailand has a rich geography that makes it one of the most sought-after places in the world, including paradise islands, luxuriant jungle where tigers and elephants roam, outstanding beaches with crystal clear waters and a superb seabed that has made it one of the favourite destinations for divers from across the globe. Add to that a unique culture and a cuisine of exceptional subtlety and variety, and you will understand why Thailand has become South-East Asia’s foremost tourist destination.

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1 to 9 of 10 hotel (s) displayed

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